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Site History

How did it happen for me to open this website?
A detailed look at this website’s life.




The joke is that I actually already did it before the pilot’s series broadcasting; I knew that I absolutely had to watch this series.
Just alone, the advertising sequences have pointed out to me, you must certainly watch this.
And I honestly don’t know why, science fiction is definitely not my “thing”, and one may forgive me, however, I also didn’t know Jessica Alba.

But I nevertheless had a fever the day of the pilot’s movie broadcasting and I was impatient to watch it.
And then it was finally Saturday the 01/22/2002 at 10.15 pm, there was a new video cassette prepared in the recorder (no idea why something said to me “record that”).

Then it went on, and I was properly tied up from the first second I saw that. I can’t really explain it, but this series did something, I have not really perceived everything around me after a few minutes.
Then as the mobile phone rang I switched it off without any comment.
Not that someone here thinks something; I’m not crazy or anything else.
But it was exactly like that.


The 90 minutes seemed like 5 to me and then the credits ended.
Everything was clear for me, I am infected. Infected with the Dark Angel virus.
Yes this was it, I became addicted.
I have already watched some crazy TV series before DA, but it was different with DA; this series had a certain something.
It had what no other series has ever had or will have, I knew that.





My no more existing sense of the time is what I already lost during the pilot’s series.
Unfortunately I didn’t find it again, and so one week until the next episode seemed to me like several months. VOX was a duty programme every Tuesday at 9.15 pm.
And each Tuesday from 9.15 pm I wasn’t talking to anybody.

After the last episode of the first season, the misery was big.
How should I survive this? As long as there were no new episodes, I was close to madness.
And then I discovered that there is the pilot’s series on DVD.
I absolutely had to have that part and the best was immediately.

Now some will say again, why I nevertheless had the video cassettes.
Correct I had, but in spite of all I needed the DVD and I needed a DVD player.
Also I didn’t tell myself that the financial ruin was approaching. And I couldn’t care less.
Also I bought a DVD player in the shop, it had cost 300 € that were divided, they were really expensive.
And then the DVD finally came, it took 3 days for the delivery to come and I have watched it faster. :-))
I think I’ve watched the episode 5 times in a row.
Now I don’t need anybody to think that I’m crazy, addiction is an illness. :-)

It was a hard and long time, until the second season finally started.
But somehow I have survived it.

After the beginning of the second season on the 04/12/2003, the first season came in DVD-Box on the market.
And I had them all with me on the Friday 04/18/2003.
And what was that called?

It’s obvious I started on Friday evening with the pilot’s series and I watched all the episodes without any interruption.
Now there will be some who will say “so what, I have also done this”.
Yes well, but did you sleep a bit after that, did you begin the pilot’s series again, and watched everything again? :-)





Now we come to the question of the creation of this website and why have I done it actually.

The first rumours of Dark Angel already came in the year 2002 from FOX USA and they should be suppressed.
Then on the 11/23/2002 came this one, where nobody calculated it, neither the fans nor the actors themselves.
CSI published that after the broadcasting of the second season there would be no more episodes.

Here is the original report from CSI on the 11/23/2002.

Was Jessica Alba surprised when Dark Angel, the very successful TV program was cancelled?
At a recent press conference for her new starring role in the Universal film Honey,
Jessica spoke about the James Cameron project.
"Yeah, we were picked up on a Friday and on Monday we were cancelled." Her explanation, "Politics."
Would she ever go back to the character Max one day?
"Jim talked to me about doing a movie... I don't know. I think it's done.
It was so hard trying to keep up the integrity of the story and the character with the studio and the network.
I don't know. I don't think so. I want to work with Jim again but I think Max is done."

I’m probably not exaggerating when I say that all the fans over the world stood under shock.
For my part I didn’t want to admit this, and I couldn’t believe it too. Why should they do this?

VOX had a dream of rates of more then 10%, and the series was that much in the USA; I knew it was a giant success.

Besides, there was still no official statement from FOX.
But one didn’t have to wait long, unfortunately.
After that CSI had already brought the information.
Now, FOX had confessed that there will be no more episodes after the broadcasting of the last episode that was already shown on the 05/17/2002 (USA). Reason: too little audience, end of quotation.


> anm. What one should know, there are various rumours who blamed the rates of the revocation.
Also, Jessica Alba once said in an interview “Something will probably be political, the series was very famous“.
It absolutely sounds logic to me, the USA were shown as terror victims.
And that after the 09/11/2001. <



And then it came, on one hand the day I was enjoying, and on the other hand I didn’t want this day..

It was on the 04/15/2003, it was a Tuesday naturally and as each Tuesday I turned on VOX at 9.15 pm.
But today everything was different, of course I was glad about Dark Angel, I was really curious about the episode. But there was simply no relaxing mood,

the knowledge that today was the last episode dominated the joy around a multiple one.

And then this episode was over, there were the credits and I was totally finished.
This was more terrible then a burial for me.
All of a sudden, there was a big nothing, nothing and thousands of open questions.
I could have yelled with rage and disappointment.
Nevertheless, I thought this couldn’t really be the end…… and then it came, VOX did what each fan wanted to see and hear now.



Max leaves you, yes indeed, but call and win Maxie’s leather jacket”

Man, I could have shouted, this definitely can't be true.
I really wouldn’t have needed that.
Not enough; VOX didn’t give, but really didn’t give any explanations.
And not enough, the last episode was also shortened.
No, a commercial funeral feast had do be here again.
VOX couldn’t have shown clearer what is important to them.
MONEY and nothing else.

Really class, to me it’s already clear that VOX wants to earn money,
but the spectators must also be important somewhere.
And I haven’t noticed it; on the contrary I have seen how
VOX & FOX avoided the fans. Simply like pitiful people.

They should think of it; who has made them so big, we as a matter of fact, the spectators!!


Dark Angel hasn’t earned such an end.
This was clear to me, and I didn't want an end that was not one.

So I looked on the Internet what is there to know about Dark Angel, they must be well disposed somewhere, I thought.
And oh yes, there they were, there were fans’ websites all over the world and all over the world there were disappointed and stunned fans.

And I found on a US website the protest action called into life, for the first time I read there the word “Barcodeday”.
I wouldn’t have thought that this word would one time play a so big role in my life.
I immediately knew that what goes on here is good. So good that I want to take part in it..

The decision was taken; there had to be a German protest website here!
The US website should receive some support. And this as fast as possible.
This was the plan.

So one said build the homepage, problem was, I didn’t know at all how it works.
But like one says, one grows with his tasks.
Then it was set up and tried, the knowledge of the basis was online on the Internet.

And so my first HP looked like this after 3 days and 2 nights of work.





So far so good. But I already had the next problem.
A HP that only stays on the hard disk at my house will probably not be so useful.

So the part must be on the net, but how? And where?

I had an acquaintance and he had a HP, so he must know how
 where one does this. So I asked him and
I became smarter. There were
 two possibilities
 for me; the first one was a free host with a proper long and silly url

The second one was a better url wish and no advertisement on the website.

Why doeThis was exactly what I wnted, unfortunately that costs money. And at that time I was chroically a bankruptcy

s one Thishave friends?
In the offer there was a sub-domain on the server of my acquaintance.
With my own url and no advertisement.
Single "little heel" only 10-15 MB of
 and not with a big download space and so.
But I also didn’t want this; each fans’ website were already mixed up
and I exclusively wanted a protest website.
So it was the perfect offer, and then for free.

The url should have been www.max-x5-452.de.
so the url was safeguarded and then it was on the 04/22/2003 that the website was online.

I finally had the feeling, not only to watch, but also to be active in it.
That was great.

This was what I wanted, not simply accept what had happened, but also do something, on the contrary.

And there were so many people who smiled at me. And perhaps some still do this today.
I only say one thing to these people, the ones who are always by my side when something happens, and never try anything to change. May you never have this feeling I had now.
One can't win if one doesn't fight, and the contrary of winning is losing.
And I can't stand losing.

Thanks to the various entries in the link’s lists, to the Dark Angel forums and to the 150 research machines.
The website quickly became very famous in Germany and more and more US fans and webmaster knew about my amateurish website.
But, actually, nobody was upset about how the website looked like, what they thought about it was important.
And many positive feedbacks came to me, from fans that live all over world.

The Barcodeday could come.

After the first Barcodeday I found something else. And Fox didn’t have to say something necessary in addition. I simply decided to call into life a second Barcodeday.
And some say about me that I wouldn’t have had a lot of patience so I fixed the date on the 11/17/2003. So 6 months after the first one

Actually, I planned to do this with the “creators” of the first BCD.
But this didn't happen; there wasn't any indication about contacts on the homepage's website at the time.
Yes and I stood there quite alone.
Alone? No there still were the fans and most of them were there for it.Unfortunately, I didn’t think how difficult it can be to convince a German webmaster
to do some advertisement for this on his website.
And, besides, I actually thought that we are all having the same objective.

The same statements came again


"see whether they are more people taking part to it, if yes, then I am too"

A classical author was also

"why Barcodeday? DA will nevertheless soon be repeated.  We have reached what we wanted"

But my absolute favorite one was

 "no I don't take part in it; it's not an international action”

I still don’t understand this today, and I can’t accept it.
What have I asked already that is so big? A bite of a small advertisement, one line would have been enough.
A line in the news, not more. But they probably thought that something else is more important.
A few nice pictures perhaps, or simply the information where and when was Jessi seen.
Not that, it doesn't belong to a fan's website, but honestly, what would have cost a line?

Luckily not everyone has thought that during the first BCD otherwise there probably wouldn't have been one at all.

According to what the email said, 213 fans have written letters and have also sent them.

This is nevertheless 213 times better, as nobody had taken part.


I hate giving up even more then losing. The 3rd BCD was here again.
The date was fixed on the 05/17/2004 here. And this Barcodeday should be in the history.

This one was the most unknown to everybody :-( Most of the webmasters probably didn’t “turn the question over one’s mind” about the question,

“will you be supporting it” as much as the second one.
But they didn’t answer to this at all.
To report something positive, the fans who knew bustled about the advertisement.I do not know how many have participated, however,

they hardly gave any feedback.Yes I had to see that; in the meantime, not "only" FOX had to convince.
No also various webmasters and fans..............................


Now, I suddenly had too many problems.
Give up? It's not good at all.
Do something more? Without any support this isn’t really good either.
The next problem was that more and more DA fans’ websites disappeared.
Then, there were still the fans who wanted to continue.
Besides, I have also said "We didn’t forget"
And then I still wanted more seasons......

Now, a good advice was expensive................




The 2005 Barcodeday didn't take place because of a strong perplexity and the frustration of 2004.
I was naturally looking forward to see the DVD's, and I was constantly on the Internet in search of new things about DA.
Unfortunately, the only new thing was that one website after the other went offline.

Should it be really true, that everybody had given up? 
I asked this question to myself very often. And somehow everything gave me the impression that Dark Angel was dead....
There were a few websites until they all went away, and for those who were still there, nothing big really happened.Certainly there were still

one or two websites on the net who invented the virtual seasons.
But from demand to more seasons one didn't hear more.

What to do?



Wake up and get a move on, it didn't work in the past as it should have.

On the 07/20/2005, I wanted to know it once more, the website once again reorganized.

And on the 07/21/2005 it was called “freshly getting down to work”. Free after the slogan

"Really correct now".

I started the 4th Barcodeday. This time with almost 10 months ahead.
But my expectation in participation was nevertheless very low.

It doesn’t matter, I thought, and if I muss participate alone, then I’ll just do it.
Then I write a few more letters, somehow, it will work

So, like always, every possible forum was full of writing and it was so good, even advertisements were done.
Fortunately, I still had all the mail addresses of the fans who had never written to me. So there were still about 800 mails that were sent.
Ok, many came back too because the addresses didn't exist anymore, but at least the half of it arrived.

And actually some have also answered; that was already something.

And there were still fans that wanted to take part, and approved this action.
But the problem was still there, no other websites wanted to take part.

And then it happened, in November 2005, my acquaintance had my HP on the server with him, he destroyed it with his provider.

Please not this, not now, but there was nothing more to be done.

After 2 years and 7 months max x5-452.de went offline.

I couldn't anticipate that for how long.......

There had to be new provider here, but where can I find it so quickly?

From time to time the doubts came back, whether it still worth trying. Whether there was still sense to go online again.

Then an email came in December 2005, I didn't know who this is, but something with Dark Angel.
Great, a demand; what is happening now to the 2006 BCD and what happened to the website.
There was something else there from a forum. Something I should naturally go and see.
I have read this email several times and I have thought; what do I do now?
Look in the forum and see what is there?
I was not to sure whether I wanted this to be, therefore, I read it for the first time.




Answer to the email? Yes, what should I reply?
Should I write that I don't know whether I can be online again, and that I don't even know if I want that?
No, I couldn't write this.
So I didn't reply at all. Yes, I know, this was not nice. But I didn't really know what I had to write.


Then it happened in January, I received an offer; receive a sub-domain with 20 MB of memory and for free; this couldn't be.


What to do now?
The offer was good, and the memory would be enough.

Now I had to take a decision here.........



Dark Angel was still the best series of the world for me.
And I also thought it was quite a bitchy thing that FOX had suppressed the series.
And I still wanted new seasons.

Hm, nevertheless, there was still this mail and the forum that were mentioned.
I looked at it at the time. Just to see what there was, and actually what is still there

No Beautifully done and a few postings were also good :-)

Logically the "protest area" interested me, so what now with the “2006 Barcodeday?”.
Aha, my old website was still famous.
And what is there then, aha the NSA has the fingers in the game :-).
It was really funny what I read there, but what was it then?

“So I don't think that the hope still exists.
About 2-3 months have already passed. The webmaster mailed me this in December, but unfortunately, no answer came”


It it's not good, what should I call that, no hope ?

Oh yes, the answer which didn't come. ^^

But the hope finally dies forever.

My decision was mad, I must come back on the net, the website must be active again.

This is the plan!!


As first I had to receive an answer from the “unfaithful”.

I couldn't leave this; nevertheless, I have to lose a call.

The call was extremely stubborn and had to be quite persistent. ^^


I had space on the server, now I still needed the url.

Even now the url can be taken away KK it's fixed and finished.
Yes or no, the first provider doesn't want to give the url for free because not everything is clarified there.

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh this shouldn't have been, have you all conspired something against me?
Bureaucrats are nothing else then bureaucrats.

Good, good, so there had to be a new url, cool definitely perfect. As if there wasn't already enough in the promotion.

Then I took the current url.

But in the meantime there was March, 2006. Beautifully I said to myself "forget it"; this has got no more purpose.
The 2006 BCD was nothing, too little time, and too little promotion.

Ok the United Forum, it was famous, but sooooo many people didn't participate there.
It was still new, and not very famous.

Then on the 04/12/2006 the website was online again.
I have written that in the forum.

And what has happened then?
Accesses after accesses? What’s wrong with that?
Where do they all come from here? And where were they all? :-)


Then, in April, the DA Network was officially "opened" more or less.
Of course I'm taking part in it.


And then on the 04/21/2006 Fortuna knocked at the door. (The door wasn’t opened; it was torn from the wall)


The Fox voting ......... finally, finally a real small chance to show FOX how many fans are still there.
I don't need to tell who has won. :-)
Our victory was devastating ^^ from rank 4 to rank 1 and that in only 12 days. ^^


And the 2006 BCD? It naturally took place. And, the action was even more famous; thanks to everybody in the forum.
It has almost never been like that......... it never was, really :-)

I then once again gotten the opportunity to expand my site correctly. I gotten a place on a big server.



Consequently, it was also a gallery can be realized.




Actually, everything was fine.

But I would not Maxie when everything would go smoothly. ^^

In August it was back to a halt. The server was not even mine, and he was then terminated. Whatever, so in August again, maxie without website

and without domain.


That may be great live , lol ^^




I was so desperate to again, but i had luck again too ^^

The ofer for a server space was not long in coming.

So once again change domain extension, for. "de" and "com" I took then " net"

new domain is one that is a habit: p

By the DA Network Forum but it was not a big problem.

The site quickly became known, and everything went great.





We write the Year 2006, the 6th year Barcodeday site.

The Barcodeday took place naturally .^^

All things I would to start in 2009 for personal really rather forget.

For personal reasons, I've updated the page no longer and was also from october 2008

to may 2009 not online. A Sorry to all fans here ^^


As I said 2009 was not my year, and 2010 should be better.


The Server where was my site and the Forum, was every time offline.

Also here come the old problems again.

In october 2010, I know what i need so is not going again. I need a seperate server place. and seperate domain.

Superior to recently done said, rented a server.

And again the old problem with the domain, the server admin would not give her.

The reason I don't tell you time which is as ridiculous as stupid.

Fortunately, a backup of the forum was aviable, i could be seen even from the happening.

And even before we take care. ^^

And from my site i have make a backup too.

And so we move again to another server.

And of course, new domain ^^.

My old "com" domain was free, so i take she.

At 01.12.2010 going all online again, forum includet :-)

So quickly never become me small, also when think someone *fg*

Who fight can lose , who not fight has already lost.


So this was the exciting life of this website, with all what belongs to it. High and low pressure areas, anger and joy.

And completely, by the way, still a mix work. But this was how I wanted it and I still want it!!

A fat thanks to all the people who helped me, without you nothing would be here......... and this would nevertheless be a shame.


And never forget “We will never forget”..................... Dark Angel must come bake.

Of course the website of 2003 was constantly modified and also improved.
A visitor’s book arrived under others. This still exists today.

Then it's the turn of the useless things that happened, for example, the website was hacked and, besides, the visitor's book was destroyed.

Oh yes, that was funny......... I laughed a lot at the time.

Naturally a new one came; luckily I had protected the old entries.
So these ones are still here. :-)
Yes, yes, it just reflects that an “Eyes Only” data bank should be created.

Then in 2005 a forum arrived. There is nothing more today.

Because of the DA Network, to name somebody. We have a common forum.

And so I was online up to the 05/17/2006

And so you can see my site know, yea maxie discovered php ^^

Never forget, a Dark Angel fan is someone that lives long.
And an X5 never gives up, because to give up means to lose, and losing is a damned stupidity.

Peace your Maxie

And if you all stay from now, then it also stays forever here.

If someone finds a spelling mistake, may he keep it for himself.




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